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Friday, January 9, 2009

Spring 2009 NIU Geography Colloquium Schedule

The Department of Geography Graduate Student Colloquium Committee recently released the spring 2009 colloquium series. Colloquia are open to students, faculty, and the broader public and take place Fridays between 3 and 4 pm in Davis Hall, Room 121.
  • January 23: "How Will Species Respond to Current Climate Changes? Lessons from the Last Deglaciation." by Dr. Jack Williams (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

  • February 6: "Geographic Perspective of Railroad Safety in Illinois" by Stephen C. Laffey (Illinois Commerce Commission)

  • February 20: Graduate Student Presentations

  • February 27: "Computer Simulation Responses to Global Change at the Alpine Treeline" by Dr. George Malanson (University of Iowa)

  • March 6: Graduate Student Presentations

  • March 20: "Water Resources and Environmental Issues" by Dr. Mohamed Sultan (Western Michigan University)

  • April 3: "Climate-Economic Models and Uncertainties" by Dr. Donald A. Hanson (Argonne National Laboratory)

  • April 10: "Woody Vegetation Change, Carbon Storage, and Climate Change Mitigation" by Dr. William Currie (University of Michigan)

  • April 17: "Modeling Seasonal Spread of Soybean Rust in North America" by Dr. Scott Isard (Penn State University)

  • April 24: "The Biogeography of Forest Change: Crown Fire, Insect Epidemics, and Drought in Ponderosa Pine Forests of the American Southwest" by Dr. Joy Nystrom Mast (Carthage College)

  • April 27 & 29: Graduate Student Presentations